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K3D .est 2002
Specialising in 3D rendering for CGI and animations, motion graphics, virtual reality, real-time and property marketing.
With 15 years’ experience in the design and visualisation industry, K3D is at the cutting edge, using innovative
 technologies to transform the way visual media can be used to connect you to your customers.
We offer a tailor-made service, customising a variety of new and exciting solutions to find the right fit for you.

‘PropertyVisionVR’ is a unique suite of services provided by K3D as a solution for Real-Time, VR, Property Marketing and Remote Viewing

With social distancing becoming more ubiquitous across the workplace new ways of presenting and selling ideas to clients or potential buyers is needed. PropertyVisionVR provides elegant solutions from the early design stages right up to the property marketing stage. 

Multi User Collaboration & Live Design Streaming

We have recently had much more uptake for cutting edge technologies that allow multiple users to interact with their designs in Real-Time, for client meetings where architectural features are being discussed or estate agents giving virtual walkthroughs of new developments. Some features include;

– Simple viewing of Design Streamed projects though any modern web browser with a simple web link.  Control a real-time architectural walkthough with unlimited additional users able to connect and interact.

– Collaboration projects can include set-ups that enable interactive manipulation of architectural details with multiple users able to connect both in real-time and with VR headsets.

Virtual Reality & Real-time

We supply your project so it can be viewed in VR or explored freely in real-time via desktop and mobile apps. Using cutting edge technologies such as cloud based streaming servers to enable wide usability across devices.

Animation and Still Shots

Animation and Still Images come as standard with all projects.

Interactive Tools

We can supply you with interactive tours and apps of your properties and developments that can be viewed via mobile, desktop or web browser for maximum usability.  As well as our CGI tours we can also supply 360 photo tours for estate agents and showcasing developments. Perfect for remote viewing, these tours contain a full information media suite with video and image galleries, are easy to share on social media platforms and work on all mobile devices.

Everything you need

With our Premium package you get everything you need to showcase your property and impress potential buyers, including our unique VR system set-up in your home or office location, mobile and tablet apps via play store and cloud-streaming services.

Studio Grade CGI and ANIMATION

Market your business, properties or products using the best imagery and animation available. Studio grade CGI at a fraction of the price.

Video Productions

We can supply video productions & photography for any project or development. 

Motion Graphics & Product Visuals

Using detailed studio lighting, high quality texturing and advanced production workflows we can create motion graphics and animations to suit your needs.

360 & INteractive tours

Google 360 images and interactive tours for anything from property developments,  hotels or shops and tourist locations.


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